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You should remember from history lessons, that Nazis have always been very brutal and cruel. The savage repressions and tortures they arranged are known all over the world. But not many know about the sexual orgies they loved to have – boundless brutality, severity and cruelty was a main distinctive feature of those orgies. Sex  comics will tell you the truth about Nazis. This one demonstrates us a young Russian girl who got into the captivity of evil Nazis. Oh poor, she will have to go through the terrible lechery and cruel tortures. She will be fucked by many people, she will get swastika poked on her cheek and that is just a very beginning of the tortures. Shameless Nazis don’t care about her feelings and maybe will torture her to death. Anal sex will seem a treat for her  in a minute. Suffering from pain, absolutely helpless she only can pray for a miracle to happen. See this gallery here.

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